First Light With Dirk Van

First Light is a friendly one-hour news/talk magazine show that provides in-depth coverage of the top story of the day with on-scene reports, actuality and analysis. Your host, Dirk Van, guides you through the early morning and prepares you for the day ahead with all the information you'll need to know. First Light features interviews with top celebrities and newsmakers.

America's Morning News

America's Morning News is a new nationally syndicated, morning-drive radio news show in partnership with The Washington Times which proves to be an innovative new format aimed at showcasing 10 of America's top investigative reporters, where two multiple award-winning anchors are broadcasting 21 feet away from 175 working journalists in the Times' newsroom inside the nation's capital.

The Dennis Miller Show

In his first ever radio show, five-time Emmy award winner and four-time Writers' Guild award winner, Dennis Miller offers his unique take on the day's topics with comedy and satire. The daily 3-hour talk show will also feature Miller taking listener calls, as well as interviewing high-profile special guests.

Jason Lewis

Known as “America’s Mr. Right,” Jason Lewis is host of the nationally syndicated Jason Lewis Show.  Jason was recently selected as one of the top 25 talk hosts in the country by Newsmax Magazine and has been twice featured in ABC Radio's "The Year in Talk." While in Charlotte Jason was named as one of “The Heavy Hundred” most important talk show hosts in the nation by Talkers Magazine.

Jim Slinski's Outdoor Talk Network

Jim Slinsky is a sportsman, conservationist and defender of our right to hunt, fish, trap, and shoot. Jim is a staunch advocate of the individual interpretation of the Second Amendment.  The "Outdoor Talk Network" is an educational and entertaining program with the focus on fishing, hunting, trapping, shooting and related environmental and legislative issues.

Classic Car Round-Up

Classic Car Round-Up with Joe Cali is the show for the car enthusiast.  A respected antique car appraiser, Joe is quite knowledgeable about the cars he loves.  Tune in and find out the last information from the local car clubs events and appearances.

The Car Guys- Herv Forward & Bryan St. Clair

Check out the Car Guys! If you have a problem or a question with your car, truck, van or  motorcycle, then give them a call.  They can help!

Around The Tracks With Joe Marotta

52 weeks a year, Joe Marotta hosts Central New York's most popular motorsports show!

The Money Pit

"The Money Pit" America's #1 Home Improvement Radio program, is a lively two-hour weekly call-in show about home improvement and home maintenance.

Watchdog on Wall Street

The Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski is the antithesis of what Wall Street has become; he knows financial planning is a profession, not a vehicle for selling as many ridiculous financial products as possible. His clear-cut, honest approach is in complete contrast with the fabrication and deception that individual investors are exposed to every day.

The Larry Kudlow Show

Where money meets politics: Larry Kudlow has the latest on the jobless rate, congressional budget battles, and how all of this affects YOUR wallet.

TAPS ParaMagazine Radio

It's a new chapter in Paranormal media.  TAPS ParaMagazine Radio Show explores all things paranormal and will feature experts to discuss everything from ghosts to UFOs to your favorite horror and sci-fi movies.  Host, JV Johnson will be answering  those long standing questions.  Join him every Saturday night from 7pm-10pm EST.

Cigar Dave Show

From his opening greeting of "Long Ashes" to the national cigar lightation ceremony to presenting the latest cigar news and information, Cigar Dave presides over the world's largest cigar club that meets via the airwaves and the Internet with high doses of energy and enthusiasm. Always truthful and politically incorrect, the General also leads the battle against America's self-anointed pleasure police. In addition to cigars, you might find The General discussing fine dining, espresso coffee, business/casual attire, sports and more.

Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today opens doors for buyers and sellers with critical and credible information on the real estate market. It’s fast paced and fact packed with experts, interviews, call-ins, field reports, and timely market conditions.

Meet The Press

Every Sunday morning for 62 years, millions of Americans tune in to get answers from U.S. and world leaders, and hear analysis, discussion and review of the week’s political events from noted journalists and experts.  If it's Sunday, it's "Meet The Press."

Science Fantastic

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science. He’s the co-founder of string field theory (a branch of string theory), and continues Einstein’s search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory.  Topics which will be covered on the show include black holes, time travel, higher dimensions, string theory, wormholes, as well as topics from science fiction.