No one else has been charged yet

The five people arrested along with the suspect have been questioned and released. FULL STORY

Former lawyer: He's not the guy that did this

Robin Ficker, the former attorney for Daron Dylon Wint, says his former client is not responsible for a quadruple homicide in Washington D.C.

D.C. Police chief on quadruple killing investigation

Washington, D.C., Chief Cathy Lanier tells CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper" the latest details on the quadruple murder investigation.

42 gunmen, 1 cop die in shootout

A three-hour shootout between Mexican security forces and unidentified gunmen Friday left 42 of the gunmen dead, as well as one federal police officer, officials said.

Tension high as bikers rally

Dozens of motorcycle rallies will take place nationwide this weekend amid tight security after a biker gang shootout left nine people dead in Texas.

'19 Kids' off air over allegations

Reality TV star Josh Duggar issued an apology Thursday after reports surfaced that he allegedly molested girls as a teenager, saying: "I acted inexcusably."

Senate blocks bills to extend NSA spy program

Opponents of the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone data successfully blocked multiple attempts in the Senate early Saturday morning to extend the expiring law that authorizes the program.

New trial in Chandra Levy case?

A new trial may be granted to the man convicted of killing Chandra Levy, a Washington intern whose disappearance in 2001 drew national headlines.

Refugees stuck as ISIS creeps toward Baghdad

ISIS has spread out from Ramadi, and a sandstorm has stranded those trying to flee. FULL STORY

Lawsuit: Inmate rapes permitted

Two women are suing a corrections officer at Rikers Island and the city of New York, claiming that they were raped repeatedly by the officer with the complacency and consent of the city.

Bystander halts car chase

Halt! A pedestrian halted a motorist fleeing California police Friday evening by calmly stepping in front of his car. The chase ended, when police cuffed the man behind the wheel -- and the man who stopped him.

Woman who escaped months in box found slain

A Missouri woman kept captive in a wooden box for four months escaped in April, only to be shot to death this week along with her son, police said.

Clinton emails won't stop Benghazi questions

The documents -- which give a glimpse of life at the State Department for Hillary Clinton, often identified only as "H" -- will do little to appease the candidate's critics. FULL STORY

This will be the world's largest hotel

Twelve towers, 10,000 rooms and 70 restaurants, plus helipads and a full-size convention center: That's the plan for Abraj Kudai, a complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that's set to become the world's largest hotel by room count when it opens in 2017.

Mom shames 13-yr-old daughter for racy pics

CNN's Poppy Harlow speaks to a mom who posted a video online shaming her daughter after she discovered her secret Facebook account.

Putrid odor thick on spill-soaked beaches

At its worst, the smell burns your nostrils and gives you a little nagging headache.

See would-be carjacker held at gunpoint

An Atlanta man stops a potential carjacker by holding him at gunpoint until police arrive and arrest the suspect. A witness captured it all on camera. WSB's Rachel Stockman reports.

Actress, 37, too old to romance 55-year-old

Here we go again, Hollywood.

What politicians aren't telling you about ISIS

Despite months of an American-led bombing campaign, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has conquered the Iraqi city of Ramadi. It is a major setback, and it should compel policymakers to assess whether our strategy -- which in the near term boils down to containing and disrupting ISIS while we bolster stable governance in Iraq -- is working. What it should not do is prompt half-baked calls for inserting more American troops into Iraq.

Vaginal exam lawsuit raises tricky questions

Last Thursday, two students at Orlando's Valencia College alleged in a lawsuit that instructors forced them into submitting to weekly transvaginal ultrasound exams performed by fellow students as part of their training.

The best (and worst) of working for Letterman

For the first 13 of his 33 years on the late-night airwaves (does anyone still say "airwaves"?), I was a writer for Dave Letterman. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The best because working with Dave was endlessly entertaining. He was and is the smartest, funniest, quickest and most oddly original utterer of sentences in our vast republic.

Stop using Asians as role models

When I was growing up, one of the things that always made me crazy was my parents' habit of constantly praising other kids in my presence: "Oh, remember Olivia Chang? Did you know she's going to be performing at Carnegie Hall next month? Original composition! She wrote it herself!" Or "Mrs. Lee's son George will be attending Oxford University next year. And he's only 14!" These exclamations would invariably be followed by silence and an evaluating look at me, intended to communicate my utter inability to match the performance of these other children.

What vets really think of your weekend plans

As a wounded veteran who served two tours in Iraq, I've been asked to give speeches at Memorial Day celebrations. It's one of the hardest jobs I've ever done.

171 mugshots of arrested bikers

A fight broke out among rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas, on Sunday, May 17, leaving at least nine people dead. The sheriff's office has begun releasing mugshots of the people arrested.

Why more women are going 'Wild'

If your idea of a vacation with friends involves a giant margarita, poolside massages or slot machines, you might be surprised by the latest travel trend. Grab your hiking boots and backpacks — more and more people are planning vacations that feature tents instead of hotel rooms, and Nalgenes instead of tropical cocktails.

Cost of war continues long after fighting is done

This will be the second Memorial Day since my buddy from the Marine Corps committed suicide June 2013.

The difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

We are here to make sure you don't embarrass yourself.