Debate prep: How did Bush do?

Republican presidential candidates packed the stage at St. Anselm's College in New Hampshire on Monday as 14 of the 17 declared GOP candidates gathered just days ahead of the first debate of the primary season.

Trump: I'd shut down government over Planned Parenthood

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday he believes Republicans should shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood, the health services group that is facing scrutiny after undercover videos of its officials emerged.

... as 5th video is released

The anti-abortion group that has accused Planned Parenthood of illegally selling organs and tissue from aborted fetuses released a new video Tuesday, a day after the Senate blocked a bill that would have defunded the organization.

Opinion: Group's video a hoax

Years ago, when I hosted a daily talk-radio show, one of the cardinal rules laid down by my program director was to avoid booking guests or taking phone calls from listeners who wanted to debate abortion, gay marriage or the death penalty. All three issues -- and especially abortion -- were considered a conversational dead-end, on which nearly all intelligent adults have already made up their minds.

'When you see flames, it's really time to leave!'

The only force fiercer than a 100-square-mile wildfire was Joe Welz's impulse to protect his home.

Picasso worth $27M is seized

A painting by Pablo Picasso said to be worth 25 million euros ($27 million) was seized by French authorities last week, the French customs office announced Tuesday.

Lawyer: Doctor hunted legally

The second American recently accused by the Zimbabwean government of illegally hunting in the African nation wasn't in Zimbabwe when the incident is alleged to have happened, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Giant ocean 'blob' discovered

Divers discovered a mysterious giant ocean "blob" off the coast of Turkey. Scientists think it may be one of the largest squid egg masses ever seen.

Katrina: Amazing then and now photos

See then-and-now photos of the region devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At least 1,833 died in the hurricane and subsequent floods. It was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

Famed fashion designer dies

Arnold Scaasi, the Canadian-born designer whose custom gowns graced celebrities such as Barbara Streisand and Elizabeth Taylor as well as a number of American first ladies, has died, according to friends and associates. He was 85.

Kelly Osbourne's words backfire

Kelly Osbourne tried to call out Donald Trump on ABC's "The View" Tuesday morning, but her comment was not well received by the show's other co-hosts.

Beware the giant hogweed

Oh, nature, will you ever run out of ways to make us uncomfortable?

These truckers have the sweetest rides

India's fantastical trucks look like they just rolled out of Alice in Wonderland. But this isn't just about pure aesthetics -- it's a shrewd business move.

3 celeb couples call it quits

Narvel Blackstock and Reba McEntire say their marriage has ended.

...but these are still together

See photos of celebrity couples who always seem rumored to be splitting up.

Perils of dating in the digital age

Finding "the one" is a centuries-old quest; but neither Adam nor Eve had to log in to an app to make a love connection, and Tarzan found Jane without ever having to swipe left. And though Romeo and Juliet certainly had their share of obstacles, losing a WiFi connection was never one of them.

Opinion: Laws on consent still evolving

The revelation in unsealed court documents that Bill Cosby admitted to procuring quaaludes with the intent of using them for sex with women has, unsurprisingly, spurred a national dialogue about date rape and intoxication. While this latest revelation draws even greater attention to the embattled comedian's case, it also highlights the broader challenge for states, university campuses and society as a whole: Drawing the line between consensual sex while under the influence, and the inability to consent due to intoxication.

Siren dating app lets women call shots

In the digital era, finding "the One" often involves finding the one dating app that is best suited for an individual's lifestyle.

Study: Bonobos talk like babies

Babies seem to have a language all their own. They make some weird noise, and based on context, you're supposed to know what it means.

What a shot! 40 amazing sports photos

Take a look at 40 amazing sports photos from July 28 through August 3.

Magazine uses white model in Afro tutorial, Internet howls

The August 2015 issue of "Allure" magazine features a white model in a tutorial on an Afro hairstyle; the reaction on social media was not positive.

Joe Biden jokes about 2016 plans

Vice President Joe Biden was back to work at the White House on Tuesday, cracking a joke about his career horizons but offering little clarity into his latest political thinking.

How Clinton will go after Sanders on race

Hillary Clinton has been largely hands off when it comes to Bernie Sanders.