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Radio and automobiles have been lifelong passions for the host of Motor Trend Weekends. Born in Boston, Bob Long is a veteran of 20-plus years in the profession of radio broadcasting.

Bob started his radio career at age 17 and has worked at many different radio stations from 1000 to 50,000 watts. His love of sports got him interested in a broadcasting career at an elementary school age, but during his college years Bob expanded his interests into news, auto journalism and music radio.

In the late 1980's Bob got an opportunity to work in national sports talk radio on the Sports Final and American Forum radio networks. Long was a trivia host on the largest sports radio network of its time. Broadcast nightly on over 135 stations, including such powerhouse outlets as WEEI-Boston, WQAM-Miami, KNBR-San Francisco, WKNR-Cleveland, CKLW-Windsor (Ont.), WOAI-San Antonio, XTRA-San Diego, and many others.

In 1995 Long created a radio trade publication "The Guide To Talk Radio Programming" and served as its editor in chief and publisher through 1999.

From 1996-1998 Long was co-host of the national sports program "Grandestand", with veteran broadcasters Carl and George Grande (radio voice of the Cincinnati Reds).

From 2000-2002 Long was the Co Host and producer of the radio version of the Speed Channel Television series Car Crazy. The program was distributed through both Talk America Radio Networks and The National Radio Network . Also from 2000-2002 Long was national spokesperson for the Sears DieHard Security Battery.

In August 2002, Long moved AutoWorld to the National Radio Network. The show was immediately picked up by the Cable Radio Network, currently in 26 million homes as well as the Outdoor Sports Radio Network.

After serving as news anchor for Motor Trend Radio for two years Bob became host and producer of Motor Trend Radio Magazine and Motor Trend Weekend in Feb. 2003. Motor Trend Radio's format brings the pages of the worlds most respected auto authority to life.

Long has recieved 23 International Automotive media Awards for broadcast excellence in the past seven years including Best of Radio 2004, 2006 and 2007 for his work on Motor Trend Radio.

Radio on the Road," a book by William Hutchings, listed AutoWorld and in particular, Host, Bob Long as a must hear. This book lists more than 15,000 stations in the U.S. and Canada with their call letters, frequency, and broadcast format. "If you're traveling on a Sunday," Hutchings writes, "or at home where you can hear one of his broadcasts, tune Bob in-he's a listening pleasure and a real pro."

Long's lifelong passion for cars goes back to his childhood, when he started reading and collecting auto magazines and memorabilia. During college and throughout his radio career Long has worked as a freelance auto journalist.