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Jim Slinsky has been an avid hunter and fisherman for almost 50 years. Taught by his father, Jim was shooting and fishing before he ever started school. Equally capable with a fly rod, baitcasting, spinning gear, bow, rifle, shotgun and handgun, Jim believes variety is the key to the total outdoor experience. Freshwater, saltwater, small game, big game, Jim enjoys it all and is in the field every chance he gets. Jim passionately writes about many of his experiences and the issues that sportsmen face in our ever-changing world. Jim is an amateur rod and gun builder, precision handloader, former English setter dog breeder, multi-species fisherman, former college professor, active conservationist and staunch supporter of individual freedoms. His favorite modified quotation is, "I can't remember a day in the outdoors I didn't like." Every show is dedicated to his father, the late, great, Jim Slinsky Sr., "His hunting and fishing plans always included me." The show is Jim's full-time endeavor.





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